Our background was in the hospitality industry for over 30 years, basically, hotels, restaurants and catering. When we chose to move to the Ozarks to restore a small drive-in restaurant, we decorated it with over 1,000 pieces of classic car parts and memorabilia. We were frequented by classic car buffs from all over the area and it was a huge Success! So much so that it left us to trying to run the restaurant and find people car parts between orders! (They were even trying to buy the parts off the walls!) Eventually, a part-time hobby became LoupeeStuff!

We began with our Love of Hood Ornaments and basic Accessory items, and have grown to the point that you will now find us travelling all over the country to find the unique, hard to find items our customers have come to expect. You may see us one weekend in Atlanta Georgia and in South Dakota the next. We are not afraid to go the extra mile to search for the parts that our customers want & need.

We are unique in the respect that we deal in basically all models of American cars and even a foreign car here & there. 1900 to approx. 1970's. We sell many NOS parts, but we also salvage many of the parts ourselves. Loupeestuff has always specialized in Accessories and Exterior Sunvisors. Many old-timers will tell you sunvisors are very hard to find, yet we sell close to 100 every year. Just a sample of our dedication to search out the unique and unusual.